Sunday, August 24, 2014


In this two last weeks I have been some busy, the first week I was in Rõuge and the second one, planning the youth exchance that will take place here in Estonia from August 6th, during six days. The project is cowork between organisations from UK, Spain, Romania and Estonia. 

I start writing about my experience in this little village, next to Võru, Rõuge. This village have surrounded by seven lakes, one of them the most deepest in Estonia, 38m. There are located also church that is the most important in this region. It is a beautiful place.


I was there during six days, since Tuesday until Sunday. I worked in one youth center. I will explain my days by order. The first day, Tuesday was to introduce me to my coworkers during this short time, my work place, my host and the village. I will write about my host, Qati, other volunteer from Georgia, she was a good host, she prepared to me georgian food, showing me Rõuge and spending good moments together. Sharing this time with her was really good for me, I learned many things about her country, her culture and her history.
The second day in Rõuge was starting to planning the family´s embassadors day, that day was on Thursday. We were suppose to prepare activities for the families while the embassadors had a other activities. We made different crafts for the sons, and also activities for the wifes and husbands. The next day, they came, and there was one exhibition about Rõuge, and others activities, it was a interesting day, between people from many differents countries. 
On Friday, we were preparing the next day, Saturday, because in Rõuge all years there are one boat race and around of this activity, there are other more activities, like concerts, food, beach, volley championship... My work this day was face painting. I was with Qati all the morning painting kids faces, with the good weather was very funny. After one long night I came back to Qati´s place and the next day I came back to Tartu. 

The last week, after Monday to rest, I started to collaborate with Riin, in this youth exchance. During two days, one man from London, one girl from Romania, two youngstes from Estonia, Riin and me were thinking and discussing about accomodation, transportation, risk assesments, agreements, etc. These day were really intensives but at the end I think so that the result is so good. We worked very well. Everyone contributed with their ideas and with point of views, it was really interesting. Now I hope so that the yout exchange is successful.

At the end of this week I have my last training here in Estonia, in small village named Suru, for talk and share my experience here during these months with others volunteers. I think so that it will be great. I will write about it the next week and about my little trip for Viljandi and the youth work camp in Tähe Noortekeskus.





Bye- bye!

Discovering world with youth exchange


Two weeks ago took place youth exchange between youngsters from England (UK), Estonia, Romania and Spain. Teenagers and young people from these countries came to Tartu to spend one extraordinary week. This experience with them was really good. We did different activities together for know each other a little bit better. Learn about our different cultures and give something as a nice, memorable experience to each other.  

We learned in this project, how to share our different points of view about topics like homophobia, racism and discrimination in general. In these debates we also had some arguments about the different cultural aspects of discrimination. But everybody could learn something and enrich themselves. After this period here in Tartu we experimented much feelings, emotions and sentiments.

After that I know better Estonia, other countries, and even my own country. It was for me an very important moment. Because after work during these last months with kids I have have the opportunity to work with youngsters and understand them a little bit more. To know how it is work with them and how sometime can be very complex. I am so grateful that I had this occasion.

Thanks to all of you, 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014



After almost one month I have come back to Tartu and my routine has changed because the school year has ended. The Summer is here and we have different plans for these months. 
The last week I started with this new plan. There was a little camp at Tähe Noorteklubi where the kids did different activities during all day until 16.00 pm. I was there on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
Thursday at the morning we did one game. This game consisted in search questions that they were hidden by the youth center. After they had to answer them, and the next day there were present for the winners. In the afternoon, after the lunch, we went to the cinema for watch Maleficent, and it was really good. 

The next day, Friday, in the morning we went to police station, one policewoman show us the place and how they work. I think so that it was very interesting for the kids to have any knowledge about this job. 
After we come back to Tähe Noorteklubi for the lunch and they had free time until the next excursion to the radio station. This second visit was also very refreshing for them, one locutor was explaining us how he works and the kids could talk on the microphone. 

Saturday was just the morning, it was the last day and one photographer, Siim Tiirik, cames to the center for show us his work also, and his photos. After that was presented diplomas and the camp was over. 

Siim Tiirik's photo

This week was special because on Monday was Võidupüha and Tuesday was Jaanipäev. The night between these two days, they celebrate the most longest day of the year with fires, music and barbecues, it was very nice.

Way Tartu-Tallin


Thursday, May 29, 2014


This was my last week before leaving to Madrid during almost two weeks. The last week I did different activities outside. I have been at the Melliste´s beach with the kids and the youngsters. We did a barbecue, playing volleyball and swimming. It was a nice afternoon, enyoing the good weather.

The last thursday I was introducing the spanish culture in Roiu and I did one traditional dish to show them the spanish gastronomy. It was interesting because some youngsters have been in Sevilla the last year and they show me photos also about their trip.

At the weekend I was in Narva for visiting the mines and the highest waterfall in Estonia. I liked so much this little trip, because beside I could see the sea.

Tomorrow I'm going to Madrid, I hope you have a good week.


Japanese fish


Melliste "beach"

In the estonian mines


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


The last weeks we did many diferents crafts, with differents techniques. And advantage was the mum´s day we prepared a gift for them. The mum´s gift were flowers and greetings cards. Other day we tried to practice sewing and we did dolls.And the last activity was animals masks. I am very happy with the results and with the kids.
After ten days raining all time, now Estonia is so green and very beautiful. After these rainy days, the warm weather is here, and the 30 degrees also.

Mum´s day flowers


Animal masks

The next week I am going to Spain, Madrid during almost two weeks, but before I´ll do more crafts and activities, for example, this friday I have one barbecue at the forest, I´ll do photos and after I´ll share them with you. Tomorrow, also, I have a spanish evening in Roiu and I hope to do  it well and encourage them to visit Spain.

Bye- bye!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


This week in Tartu is the students week, on the last Monday to begin this special week was an important concert. Every year is celebrated this concert, its name is Öölaulupidu, Night Song Festival. It was incredible, there were many people and the music was very beautiful. Then a Festival Night photo. This is only one side, in the other side there were the same people.


In the art class last week the kids and me were working with clay, we did a thing to put the pencil and other free thing. It was funny to use this material for this craft. In Melliste, we did butterflies and dinosaurs with recyclable material.

Mirtel and Pirlet with the clay

Next week I´ll write about this students week, because for example this night there are diferents plans to celebrate the 1st of May. While I upload other picture for show you the good weather here in Tartu.

Raekoja plats
Bye- bye !

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter week!


The last week was Easter, and for that the crafts are related to this topic. In Laeva we painted eggs, and in Täheklubi we did greetings cards for children parents. This Easter have been very different to me comparing with my live and habits in Spain and it was first time for me to paint eggs, it was very funny and amused. 

The last weekend arrived the good weather, and was an opportunity get familiar with Tartu beach. Tartu doesnt have coast, but has a big river where is this so-called beach. I like  this beach so much and  so I think that in the future I will spend much time there. With these temperatures Tartu looks like a different city, there are a lot of life at the streets, terraces, and you can feel how the people are more happy these days. I hope to say good-bye to the winter. 

Fish finished

Easter  greeting card

Easter eggs, "murupead" and bird in cage.

Easter eggs.

The last weekend, Tartu beach


"murupead" growing

Kid cuting his murupea "hair"
Mirtel´s easter greeting card.

Bye-bye !