Monday, December 15, 2014

1.    How have your life changed when you came to Tähe Youth Club to work here as volunteer?

My life has changed completely since I arrive here, because is the first time I go alone to a foreign contry, and the first time I work with children who doesn’t speak the same language as me. It has been one of the best experience of my life so far. I think after this project I will be able to communícate with children much better. 

2.    If you would be animal then which animal and why?

 If I were an animal for sure I would be a sea animal, since I love the sea and I live in an island near the ocean. I spend swimming all the time I can, and I think they have some characteristics I also have. Dolphins live in groups and cooperate to make activities, they live in the sea but they also need the air of the surface to breath since they are mammals. I don’t know if I can share some of the characteristics of a dolphin but if not, I definitly would to.

3.    What do you like to do in your leisure-time? Why?

I really like to be active and make differents things all the time. I hate the feeling at the and of a day without doing anything, so I try to spend all my free time wth my Friends making plans, going out to know more places and allways having fun.

4.    What would you change if you will be mayor of Tartu?

Actually I don’t know what to change. As a foreign here, I love Tartu and how it is right know. Maybe if I were resident in Tartu more years, I could see some wrong things to change. But now I don’t thing I should say anything bad about this city, because is the place that made me want to stay in Estonia.

5.    What are the qualities that you like the more about yourself? Why?

I have been really proud of my self because of my quality to solve problems. I think I can help people having this quality, because sometimes I can stop a bad situation between some persons. I like that I have patience and positivity in situations that initially seem not very good.

6.    What kind of child you were?

Actually my mom always tell me that since the moment I was born I came to live without annoying, because it was a very easy and quick birth. Then my sister had some problems when I was just born, and she was one year, and my family saw that I was going to be a very independent girl. Actually I think it was not like that, now I have realized that I need my family a lot, because it has been the best family I could ever have. But it is true that when I was a child I was a little bit independent because I had an older sister and one younger, so I always went a bit in the middle, but because I wanted. I don’t think I never were problematic child.

7.    What would your life be in two years? What have changed? 

I hope that in two years my life will have changed in the sense of having a job in what I like, which is education and working with children. Yet I hope my group of friends, my personality, the way my family is with me and everything around me will never change, because I feel very fortunate in my life. 

8.    If you could go back in time, what would you change in past?

Maybe I am going to say the typical answer to this question, but I don’t want to change anything. Of course I have made some bad decisions, and I have been a little bit frustrated some other times because of some things of life, but all things happen for a reason, so if I would change something in my life maybe now I wouldn’t be here, so I prefer to just let life take its course, supporting decisions both good and bad.

Friday, December 12, 2014


NIMI: Piret Pärn



Kirjutasin oma elu esimese projekti ja viisin selle ka ellu. Projket kandis nime" Mobiilid tasku, pilk tänavale“


Minu elu suureks unistuseks on alati olnud see, et mul oleks minu päris oma noortekeskus, kus iga laps ja nooruk saab, tunda ennast turvaliselt ja õnnelikult . Kuna minu unistus ei ole täitunud siis saan vabathtlikuna mingil määrel oma unistuse täide viia. Vabatahtlikuna on võimalus koguda endale tohutu kogemuste pagas. Mulle lihtsalt nii väga meeldib see!


Kui linnamäng läbi sai ja ma koju jõudsin, alles siis sain aru,
mida tähendab pingelangus. Ma ei liialda, kui ütlen, et ma ei oska kirjeldada tunnet, mis mind valdas projketi lõppedes. See oli midagi liiga head, et olla tõsi. Maratonidelt olen tundnud südamest tulnud tänulikkust ja näinud siiraid naeratusi.


Aastaga olen õppinud seda, et kui sa ise ei usu endasse, siis ei usu sinusse ka teised.

Kõik algab sinust endast. Olen õppinud seda, et unistused saavad reaalseks alles siis, kui mõtted muutuvad tegudeks.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tere tulemast, Andrei!

1. How have your life changed when you came to Tähe Youth Club to work here as volunteer?

I have to mention that I have only been to the Tähe Youth Club for one week and I am still going through an adaptation period to a new country and work environment. The biggest change I have noticed is that being a volunteer in a youth center makes you have to plan your actions in advance. If routine and boredom set in, then I know I'm not doing something right. A child's mind doesn't care about the superficial display of false interest that an adult is capable of. Children's honesty is an useful ally and I am trying to respond to their needs in an honest way myself. Moments of nostalgia about my own childhood are also a pleasant part of my life here as a youth worker.

 2. If you would be animal then which animal and why?

 Definitely a bird. Birds are free to move from one place to another. They can change the continent when the weather gets rough. Some birds can even swim on water, others just rest on boats while they cross the ocean, carelessly taking advantage of the heavy man-made boats, which look ridiculously slow to them. I often have a recurring dream where I am able to fly.

3.What do you like to do in your leisure-time? Why?

I like to practice some sports like football or basketball, or just have long walks because I like to stay healthy. I also like to challenge my brain with reading, chess and conversing with friends. I try to find art-related events all the time and I never say no to a good film.

4. What would you change if you will be mayor of Tartu?

If I were a mayor of any city, I would try to constantly ask for ideas from the local citizens, but also from professionals, local or foreign. People in high ranks often may not have enough imagination or knowledge, and a mayor's role is to bring people together and benefit from the creativity of the many. 
If I were the mayor of Tartu I would perhaps look at the potential of the Emajõgi river. People cross this river every day, they walk along the banks just to reach the next bridge. A river  can become an attractive promenade, buildings can be facing it, and people could touch the water if they wanted. 

5. What are the qualities that you like the more about yourself and why?

I consider myself an intelligent person, although I am aware of my limitations. Questioning about why things are the way they are makes me never feel satisfied with simple answers and always curious. I often try to deal with tough situations with a smile and often a joke, because it's easier this way. 

6. What kind of child you were?

As a child I was not very talkative, and a bit shy. On the other hand, I liked to explore things and places and I used to spend a lot of time outside my home. I had a younger brother and I have to confess I liked to play all sorts of pranks on him, for some of which he has not forgiven me to this day. I remember I was trying to be a protective brother, although I was not such a disciplined and orderly child.

7.  What would your life be in two years? What have changed?

In two years I would be more useful to society and people beside me. The difference would be made by the valuable inspiring people I would have met in various circumstances.

8. If you could go back in time, what would you change in past?

I would have liked to have my higher education done entirely in a foreign country.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


NIMI: Kristina Metsanurk


Oktoober oli minu jaoks lõbus mängude ja joonistusvõistluste kuu.


Minu jaoks on vabatahtlikuks olemine uus kogemus. Olles oma töö kaotanud, otsustasin, et seni, kuni ma uuesti tööle ei lähe, aitan oma vabast tahtest ning lihtsalt annan endast. See aeg on tohutult siiras minu jaoks olnud. Minu vabatahtliku päev on korda läinud, kui keegi mulle kingib särava naeratuse ja südamliku sõna.


Emotsioonid on olnud ainult ülimalt positiivsed. Olen väga tänulik nende kogemuste ja mälestuste eest, mis ma olen vabatahtlikku tööd tehes saanud.


Elu on üks suur peegel - naerata ja sulle naeratatakse, ole oma südames hea ning sinuga ollakse hea, anna endast ning sulle antakse.

Meil kõigil kipub see ununema ... sellepärast tuleb seda aeg-ajalt meelde tuletada. Ning mis saaks olla parem viis seda teha, kui olla vabatahtlik.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saame tuttavaks - Anneli Rääbis!

1.   Kas Tähe noorteklubi meeskonnaga liitumine on sinu elu muutnud? Kui jah, siis kuidas.
Muidugi, mu elu on saanud hoopis uued mõõtmed. Kuigi ka varem mõtlesin palju, kuidas saan oma tegevusega teiste inimeste elu mõjutada, siis nüüd on see minu jaoks palju olulisem. See on põhjus, miks tööd teen. Tunnen, et saan palju ära teha nii enda arendamiseks kui ka toredate noorte elude paremaks muutmiseks. 

2.   Kui sa oleksid loom siis mis loom sa oleksid ja miks?
Oleksin koer, kes soovib olla teiste lähedal, kes ei jõua ära oodata, kui saab kodust välja maailma avastama minna, kes tunneb end hästi, kui saab kodus olla ja lähedaste juures mõnuleda. 

3.   Millega Sulle vabal ajal tegeleda meeldib? Miks?
Mulle meeldib tegeleda muusikaga, olgu selleks siis koorilaul, klaverimäng, ansambli proovis osalemine, muusika kuulamine, esinemiseks valmistumine, muusikaürituse korraldamine - muusikat naudin kogu südamest. Raske on öelda miks. Ma lihtsalt sündisin sellisena.

4.   Mida muudaksid/teeksid, kui oleksid Tartu linnapea?
Ma rajaksin Tartusse palju lillepeenraid, purskkaevusid, investeeriksin kvaliteetsesse tänavakunsti ning kultuurisündmustesse ja -asutustesse, nii et nende külastajad ei peaks muretsema kallite piletite eest. Võitleksin vingumise, kiusamise, vägivalla ja meelemürkide vastu.

5.   Millised on need omadused, mis sulle enda juures kõige rohkem meeldivad? Miks?
Mulle meeldib, et jään ka keerulistes olukordades rahulikuks. Samuti meeldib mulle mu imelik oskus enda vaba aeg sekunditega ära planeerida.
6.   Milline laps sa olid? 
Olin hästi jutukas ja uudishimulik laps. Enne kooli minekut ei püsinud ma kuskil paigal, kogu aeg oli vaja ringi sehkendada.

7.   Milline on su elu 2-aasta pärast? 
2 aasta pärast on mu elu veel ulmelisem kui praegu. Olen parem noorsootöötaja ja koolitaja, ma ei muretse enam oma kooli pärast, teen teoks kõik hullud mõtted, mis mul tulevad ega leia mõttetuid vabandusi.

8.   Kui sa saaksid ajas tagasi minna, mida sa muudaksid minevikus?
Läheksin tagasi sellesse hetke, kui otsustasin vastu võtta tööpakkumise, mis mulle tegelikult ei meeldinud ning mis tekitas väga palju lisapingeid (muidugi pole see noorsootöötaja oma). Samas see õpetas, et töö puhul on kõige olulisem see, et see meeldiks. Raha mind ei motiveeri.